2023 Honda CR-V Price in Nigeria, Features and Specifications

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2022 Honda Accord Price in Nigeria, Features and Specifications
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2023 Honda CR-V
The 2023 Honda CR-V is often regarded as the standard compact SUV for families for a reason. With a smooth ride, practical tech features, and superb storage capacity, its most recent edition accomplishes this feat once more. Nevertheless, rivals have made substantial advancements. Although it is still a solid option, the Honda CR-V is no longer in the lead.
This compact crossover, the Honda CR-V, has been a mainstay in the market since it first appeared way back in 1997. Because it’s roomy, enjoyable to drive, simple to operate, and economical enough to ensure you don’t experience too much pain at the pump, we frequently suggest the CR-V. The CR-V receives a complete redesign for 2023. From the interior to the bodywork, there are many new features, yet the CR-V still retains many of its best qualities.

2023 Honda CR-V Features

Timeless Design. Endless Possibilities.

The capability has never looked so good.

The All-New Touring Hybrid

Step into a true standout. Equipped with a 2.0-litre, 4-cylinder Atkinson cycle engine coupled with two electric motors, 19″ aluminum-alloy wheels, perforated leather-trimmed seating surfaces, 9″ Touchscreen Display Audio with BOSE® Premium Audio, front & rear USB ports (x4), and wireless charging, the all-new Touring Hybrid is power, comfort, and fuel efficiency all wrapped up into one.

Front view of red CR-V driving in the city; toward camera.
3/4 front bird’s eye view of honeycomb grille on a blue Honda CR-V.
A Sweet Honeycomb Grille

It not only gives the CR-V a brawnier look, but adds function to form with the active shutter lower front grille that’s engineered to help enhance aerodynamics by closing and opening when the underhood system needs more cooling air.

Sideview of the front of a blueHonda CR-V, highlighting its black aluminum-alloy wheel.
Dependable Wheels

All CR-Vs come with all-season tires. All you’ll need to decide is: 17″ steel rims or the available 18″ aluminium alloys in black or silver. Anyway, you’ll know you can rely on the CR-V to get you there, wherever “there” is.

Closeup of front headlight on a blue Honda CR-V.
LED the Way

Peace of mind is key in the CR-V. That’s why it’s equipped with LED daytime running lights and LED high- and low-beam headlights. All specially engineered to give you enhanced visibility so you can brave the elements with confidence.

Bird’s eye view of blue Honda CR-V on white space, highlighting the moonroof.
One-Touch Power Moonroof

At the simple push of a button, the available one-touch power moonroof with tilt feature will fully open or close. The tilt feature allows for controlled ventilation and the slide shade lets you control the amount of light you let in. Enabling you to enjoy your journey, your way.

Explore the CR-Vs Colour Options

¾ driver side rear facing view of 2023 Honda CR-V Sport model in Meteoroid Gray Metallic colour

Meteoroid Gray Metallic colour

¾ driver side rear facing view of 2023 Honda CR-V Sport model in Lunar Silver Metallic colour

Lunar Silver Metallic colour

¾ driver side rear facing view of 2023 Honda CR-V Sport model in Crystal Black Pearl colour

Crystal Black Pearl colour

¾ driver side rear facing view of 2023 Honda CR-V Sport model in Platinum White Pearl colour

Platinum White Pearl colour

¾ driver side rear facing view of 2023 CR-V Sport model in Radiant Red Metallic colour

Radiant Red Metallic colour

¾ driver side rear facing view of 2023 CR-V Sport model in Still Night Pearl colour

Still Night Pearl colour

¾ driver side rear facing view of 2023 CR-V Sport model in Urban Gray Pearl colour

Urban Gray Pearl colour

¾ driver side rear facing view of 2023 CR-V EX-L model in Canyon River Blue Metallic colour

Canyon River Blue Metallic colour

Putting the Utility in Crossover SUV

The CR-V was engineered to make your life easier and your adventures better.

Cargo Space

Passenger Capacity

Climate Control

Leathery Comfort

Capable Cargo Space

Make packing easy with the standard 60/40 split fold-down rear seatback and the available power tailgate with programmable height. Plus, add even more cargo volume with the two-level adjustable cargo floor height.

Rear view of open tailgate on a parked grey Honda CR-V; lake and fall-coloured trees as backdrop.

A Crossover SUV Engineered to Perform

Designed to match your work and play ethic, the CR-V is here to help you get it all done.

Engine icon.
A Powerful Engine

Engineered to empower your drive, every gas-only CR-V trim boasts a 1.5-litre, 16-valve, Direct Injection, DOHC, turbocharged VTEC® 4-cylinder engine that produces 190 horsepower and 179 lb.-ft of torque. While the continuously variable transmission (CVT) offers a wide ratio range for a more fuel-efficient, natural-feeling drive.

Leaf icon.
Fuel-Efficient. Eco-Conscious. Economical.

With combined fuel consumption rates of 7.8L/100km (FWD) & 8.4L/100km (Real Time AWD™), an Eco Assist™ system that helps you keep an eye on how efficiently you’re driving, and an ECON drive mode button that helps you get more out of every litre, you can rely on the CR-V to help you make every adventure a fuel-efficient one. It also features Honda’s idle-stop system, which is designed to help reduce excess emissions when idling.

SPORT icon.
Four Drive Modes

Can you rely on the CR-V to give you great drivability? Yes you can. With four drive modes (Normal, ECON, Snow, and available Sport) and the Drive-by-Wire Throttle System™ that enhances smooth acceleration, you definitely can.

AWD icon.
Real-Time AWD™ With Intelligent Control System™

In any condition, the CR-V is confident. The available Real Time AWD™ with Intelligent Control System™ is engineered to give a solid ride by delivering an intuitive response when loss of traction is detected. The system automatically transfers torque to the wheels to help you focus on the road.

2023 Honda CR-V Exterior & Interior

A New Standard for Standard Tech in the 2023 Honda CR-V

Staying connected to your CR-V and your compatible devices is easier than ever.

Touchscreen Display

Wireless Charging

TFT Display

Touchscreen Display

The standard 7″ (and available 9″) touchscreen is your portal to the centralized system that controls your settings and the loads of tech features in your CR-V. Like the available 12-speaker BOSE® system (including a subwoofer) and the available Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System™* with bilingual Voice Recognition.

Closeup of touchscreen display. In foreground, a hand holding a smartphone that reads “Android Auto” on screen. Forest backdrop out windshield.

Tech Designed to Help Keep You Safe

The CR-V has intuitive technologies designed to help keep you, and everyone around you, safer.

Active Safety

Passive Safety

Honda Sensing® Technologies

3/4 rear view of red CR-V driving over city bridge. Blue sensor lines emit from the front, detecting the traffic sign ahead.
Traffic Sign Recognition

Traffic sign recognition displays traffic-sign information to assist the driver while the vehicle is moving forward. The camera is designed to recognize traffic signs and display their information on the Driver Information Interface.

3/4 rear bird’s eye view of blue CR-V in city traffic. Blue sensor waves and lines emit from the front.
Traffic Jam Assist

Using Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and the Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS), Traffic Jam Assist helps the driver maintain lane position when travelling at slower speeds, as might be experienced in congested traffic conditions.

3/4 front view of black CR-V driving on forest highway with mountains in background. Blue sensor lines emit from the front.
Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS)

The LKAS is engineered to gently correct your steering if you begin to leave a detected lane without signalling, applying torque progressively to the steering to help guide you back to the centre of the lane.

Interior view of woman driving CR-V in city highway traffic. Blue sensor waves and lines emit from the front.
Forward Collision Warning (FCW) System

The FCW system is designed to detect the presence of vehicles in front of you and issue audible, visual, and tactile alerts if you’re approaching with too much speed. If you fail to respond, CMBS® is triggered into operation.

3/4 rear bird’s eye view of grey CR-V nearing a “T”, as a car turns in front of it. Blue sensor waves and lines emit from the front.
Collision Mitigation Braking System™ (CMBS®)

To help reduce the likelihood or severity of a frontal impact, CMBS® is engineered to apply light brake pressure if you don’t respond to FCW system alerts. If it still senses an imminent collision, CMBS® is designed to brake forcefully.

3/4 rear view of red CR-V driving on forest highway. Blue sensor lines emit from the front.
Lane Departure Warning (LDW) System

The LDW system is designed to monitor vehicle lane position and issue visual and tactile alerts if your vehicle drifts into another detected lane without signalling.

3/4 bird’s eye front view of grey CR-V driving on lakeside highway. Blue sensor lines emit from the front.
Road Departure Mitigation (RDM) System

The RDM system is designed to help steer and even apply brake pressure if it detects your vehicle may leave the road.

Sideview of white CR-V driving on desert highway. Blue sensor lines and waves emit from the front.
Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) With Low-Speed Follow (LSF)

The ACC system with Low-Speed Follow is designed to keep a constant speed and set following intervals behind the vehicle detected directly ahead of yours, including the ability to slow, stop, and start with the flow of traffic.



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