Mining Transportation and Logistics


Transporting copper, silver, iron, lithium and other mined goods from distant mining locations is one of the logistical issues faced by the mining sector. They also have to cope with the difficulty of having to move large mining equipment to and from remote locations, which adds costs and challenges that some other businesses do not have to.

Managing shipments by rail is a frequent form of transportation in the mining sector, but it may be expensive and challenging to do so without a partnership with rail firms. In order to make sure that rail cars aren't left idling for extended periods of time, it's also essential to track them correctly with the goods and to locate the finest cargo insurance to reduce the costly danger of theft.

Employing a third-party logistics company that specialises in industrial shipments, like The Clearing Agent Solutions Limited, may help businesses handle freight tracking and cargo insurance while saving up to 15% on expenses. Moving mining equipment on and off site and shipping the finished product to clients, locally and abroad, from remote locations sometimes calls for multimodal transportation.

We have more than ten years of expertise using multimodal transportation to handle heavy haul and project cargo, as well as moving mining freight to and from distant locations.


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