Renewable Energy

Alternative Energy

Although wind and solar power projects eventually help the environment and customers, the early price and difficulties of delivering renewable energy can be a barrier to the establishment of new wind and solar farms.

Large and heavy parts, such as wind turbine blades, towers, and nacelles, need particular permits and could only be able to travel on specific routes because of state shipping laws. If not wrapped and sent correctly, some components, such as photovoltaic (PV) panels, may sustain damage during transportation.

Transporting equipment for renewable energy presents both physical and communication obstacles, both of which can arise with alarming ease. To guarantee that parts arrive on time and that shipping expenses stay within the project budget, equipment suppliers, project managers, freight forwarders, and transportation authorities must collaborate. Failures in communication might result in expensive mistakes or shipment delays.

Our comprehensive management of your alternative energy transport project can eliminate worries about shipping and communication. We can arrange for the transfer of wind and solar equipment by land, air, sea, or a combination of modes of transportation because we are a freight forwarding firm that works with a vast worldwide shipping network.

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