Agricultural Logistics

Agricultural machinery

The agricultural sector has distinct issues for shipping before customs clearance and logistics after customs clearance, necessitating the use of heavy-duty equipment and effective transportation.

Transporting agricultural equipment and machinery is one of those special demands that requires strong shipping equipment run by knowledgeable transportation experts.

Time and financial constraints can also be made more difficult by local and international transportation laws and regulations, which can cause delays in shipping, clearing and local transportation schedules and increase costs associated with storage and demurrage.

In agriculture, being ahead of the curve and putting your faith in the proper personnel to move your big machinery are keys to maintaining a competitive edge. Errors and inexperience with shipping increase the needless risk associated with your shipments and put your expensive equipment at risk of damage.

Trust us with your agricultural shipping needs, and we'll make sure your tractors, trailers, balers, sprayers, and other equipment alike arrive at their destination on schedule and within your allocated budget.

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