Warehousing and Export Packing

Export Packing

Large item packing, specialised crating, heavy equipment, and shipping services are our areas of expertise. We package or crate your things and ensure they reach their destination, saving you time.

With skill, efficiency, and security, we can manage any size, weight, or shape.
We can guarantee the security and prompt delivery of your goods with our specialised large-item packing services and selected network of specialist carriers. To choose the most effective packing techniques, we take into account the item's value, composition, and fragility.

We organise export packaging using the least expensive and safest techniques, including palletizing, shrink-wrapping, skidding, and crate-making.

In addition to designing and constructing unique wood crates and corrugated fiberboard containers, we also use ready-made boxes. To provide sufficient protection during transit, the right packing supplies are used. Pallets, or skids, are another way that our bespoke shipping specialists safeguard packages for extra handling and stability.


We provide safe warehouse management services to protect your goods before shipping. Our warehouse staff members have extensive training in handling fragile equipment.

To assist clients in meeting their fulfilment needs, we provide supply chain services. We precisely sort, pack, store, and dispatch goods so that clients can continue concentrating on their main business. We make use of technology, which has been crucial to our achievements.

Our integrated warehouse and fulfilment of orders services can be tailored to meet your specific requirements, taking into account the state of the market, the demands of your products and materials, and the requirements for delivery services.

We offer safe warehousing, dependable staff, and customisable programmes. Our facilities are fully furnished for cargo storage, crating, and palletizing.

Food-grade products, farm produce, raw materials, general merchandise, lumber, health and beauty aids, electronics, resins, appliances, paper products, industrial supplies, non-hazardous chemicals, beverages, furniture and building products are just a few of the many products in which we have extensive handling and storage experience.

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