Procurement and Supply chain


We work together with clients to examine their complete supply chains, from the point of origin to the end user, in order to spot opportunities and offer adaptable solutions that will enable organisations, businesses, and merchants to offer top-notch customer experiences.

You might think that a high-performing procurement and supply chain is unachievable, but it isn't. Regardless of your needs—upstream, midstream, or downstream—we can help you overcome the difficulties associated with managing local suppliers and working remotely. Our extensive knowledge of the major industries, combined with our lean approaches, may boost your supply chain's efficiency and establish a continuous improvement pace. We have connections with suppliers of any goods you may need for imports and exports. 

Furthermore, we recognise that you must ensure regulatory compliance and safety across the range of service providers you use. By setting baselines, routinely interacting with suppliers, carriers and other service providers, and creating safety programmes tailored to each client and supplier, we have firsthand experience promoting compliance. With this strategy, we can design procedures that are specifically suited to your requirements and cut waste—time and money—all the way through your supply chain.

We offer direct and indirect procurement and supply chain management, including goods and services procurement and supply, which involves reviewing the product, the place, the quantity, the timing and the right price.

For our highly valued steps in procurement and supply chain management, we:

  • Identitify the need of your business
  • Prioritise your business' needs
  • Submit a purchase request
  • Select a supplier using and RFQ or RFP
  • Negotiate pricing and terms of purchase
  • Create a purchase requisition and a purchase order
  • Review goods or services 
  • Review and compare invoices 
  • Make payment to the supplier
  • Keep all important records
  • Pack and store your goods for export
  • Get shipping and freight charges
  • Complete customs clearance and all freight forwarding formalities.

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