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List of Clearing Agents in Nigeria

If you are searching for a list of clearing agents in Nigeria, here is the article you are looking for.
Hence, here is the one, the best, and the only clearing agent in Nigeria that you need. The Clearing Agent.

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Hiring Clearing agents in Nigeria might be worrying, you might find it difficult to get the right clearing agents in Nigeria to clear your imports.
In Addition, there are many cam boys and touts claiming to be clearing agents, be careful not to fall into the hands of fraudsters.
We at The Clearing Agent ensures that you get the right clearing agent to work with.

After reading all of that, you must be wondering how to get the right clearing agent to work with? Don´t you worry, we will make sure we guide you all along.

List of Clearing Agents in Nigeria

The Clearing Agent

Things to consider before Hiring Clearing Agents in Nigeria

Hiring a clearing agent can be quite a worrying task for importers who are new to the business.
Many people depend on referrals but in my experience, not many clients have good testimonies about the list of clearing agents in Nigeria referred to them, either by a friend or colleague

Now you have to consider these before hiring Clearing Agents in Nigeria.

1. Nigeria Customs License Agency

Especially relevant, the clearing agent must have a custom license or works for a customs licensed company.
many cam boys term themselves as clearing agents, while they have no customs license.
When they get clients, they still venture to a licensed agency or company to carry out the customs clearance of the consignment.
Hence, be careful not to fall into the hands of fraudsters.

2. Competence Of Executives and Staffs

In addition, you should consider the competence of the managerial and operational staff and customer relational service of the clearing agency you want to work with.

Hence, click here to know more about our Staff

3. Membership of a customs licensed clearing agents group or a clearing and forwarding business group

Furthermore, you should consider if the customs licensed agency is a part of a clearing agents association.
This will enable them to have a trustworthiness and reputation amongst the customs.

If a clearing agency is not a part of a national association, it is a definite indication such an organization may be having unsettled concerns with customs and may not have been approved for primary license or renewal.
Nonetheless, membership of an association should not be deemed as a defined indication of a firm’s integrity and credibility at the present moment.

4. Reputation with customs

Custom clearance agents associate with the Nigeria customs on the day-to-day basis whether face-to-face or electronically.
Hence, forming a good relationship between customs officials, as such, these customs officials will have a good insight into the capability and uprightness of potential cargo clearing agents or custom clearance agencies.

5. Nearness to the port of Clearance, this is very good for timeliness.

Every Importer or Exporter want to clear their cargo as quickly as possible to avoid demurrage also called rent.
You should consider clearing agencies that are closer to the port.
This prompts timeliness and quick response to every cargo-related issue.

 Importers and Exporters and Clearing agents alike must know these set of things when in the process of customs clearance.

  • Payment of accurate Customs Duties heightens national growth. So we implore you to pay your Customs Duties promptly.
  • Hand-over only approved cheques to your Clearing Agents.
  • Therefore, request receipt of all payments made.
    Patronize only genuine Customs licensed Agents only such as The Clearing Agent or one of the List of clearing agents in Nigeria below.
  • Also, you can obtain a self-clearance license and clear your goods yourself.
  • Please avoid the use of touts in clearing your shipload, containers, and cars.
  • Make all approved cheques payable to the Federal Government of Nigeria into any of the authorized designated banks.
  • Report all incidents of corruption to the nearest Customs Area Controller or the Office of the Comptroller General of Customs in Abuja.
  • Delay in clearance of imported goods attracts demurrage and lead to overtime cargo while handling customs clearance.
  • Therefore, ensure clearance of your goods within 90 days from the date of arrival at the seaports and 30 days at the airports.
  • Another, false declaration of goods will lead to outright forfeiture. Ensure correct declaration always.
  • Finally, use of fake documents is a crime when clearing your goods. This, apart from forfeiture of the goods, can lead you to jail.
  • Always ensure the use of genuine Customs documents.

Credits NCS.

List of Clearing Agents in Nigeria (Best 5) Tested And Trusted

You want a list of clearing agents in Nigeria when you only need one.

Because we are your best choice, we are N0 1

If you will prefer to work with other agencies, below is a list of clearing agents in Nigeria that has been tested and trusted.
We recommend these agencies because we have worked and partnered with them, they are registered with customs licensed agencies.

1. The Clearing Agent

We are all about clearing your cargo ontime, everytime. Learn more about us

Hire Us Now!

phone: 08036811157


2. Mutaba business solutions limited

Clearing and Forwarding Agency, Custom Licensed
Tincan Island Port complex, Apapa, Lagos

Phone: 09096967062


3. Halleluya Logistics Nigeria Limited

Clearing and Forwarding, Logistics, Haulage, and Freight Company
Tincan Island Port complex, Apapa, Lagos

Phone: 08100004524


 4. S.mile 2 Nigeria Limited

Customs Clearance Company, clearing, and forwarding, Freight Forwarder
Tincan Island Port Complex, Apapa, Lagos

Phone: 08023143946


5. Ajadematanle Logistics Company limited

Freight Forwarding Company, Logistics, and Haulage Licensed By the Nigeria Customs as a Clearing Agents in Nigeria
Tincan Island Port Complex, Apapa, Lagos

Furthermore, are you an Importer, Do you need a credible Customs Licensed Clearing Agents in Nigeria? Contact us The Clearing Agent.

Visit The Clearing Agent now.


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