How to Buy a Car online from USA and Ship to Nigeria (2020)

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Buy A Car Online and Ship to Nigeria

Welcome! You will find up-to-date information on how to buy a car online from anywhere in the world and ship down to Nigeria.

After reading through this post, you will be able to able to buy used cars for sale in USA and ship to Nigeria without leaving the comfort of your home.

But Beware!!! there are dangers of buying cars online.
A friend of mine ventured into buying used cars online from the USA, unfortunately for him, he registered on a certain website online which turned out to be a fraudulent site,
after filling in his information, and credit cards information, his account was wiped dry of his money…..

You don’t want to fall into such trap, follow our step-by-step guide on how to buy a car online and ship to Nigeria.

Buy A Car Online

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Buy a Car Online from USA and Ship to Nigeria

Step 1: Search Online for A Car Auction Site

car auction sites

Get your Computer or Phone, get a comfortable seat, connect to the internet and search for car auction sites, or sites to buy a car online using the popular Google search or Yahoo, or Bing, whichever suits you.

Do not get comfortable with the results you get from the search results yet, there may be malicious websites hanging around there. There are many websites you can be very comfortable with, popular sites such as,,

These are the three most trusted sites to buy cars online. Most car dealers buy cars online from the aforementioned sites and sell here in Nigeria after they have been cleared from the port.

Click here to know the cost of clearing your favourite car

Step 2: Register with your favourite Car Auction Site

Register on Car auction Site

After you have searched online and found your favourite site to buy a car online, the next step is to register so you can see live bids and maybe participate in ongoing live bids. Click on ‘Register’ and fill in your information such as your name and e-mail address, you will receive an e-mail link to verify your account and registration, click on the verification link to confirm your registration.

Most websites where you can buy a car online offers free registration, this free registration will allow you to be able to view ongoing car bids and auctions. If you want to be able to participate in live online car bids, you will be charged $200 by most trusted sites where you can buy used cars for sale in USA, and some car auction sites charge annual renewal fee.

For registration to enable you to participate in vehicle live bids so you can buy new or used cars for sale in USA, you will have to upload your valid identities such as driver’s license or international passport and other documents such as import license.

Step 3: Search and Select your favourite Cars

Buy used Cars Online


After you have successfully completed your registration, now you want to start buying cars online immediately right? Straightaway, what are we waiting for ‘smiles’, there are some search terms you need to master.

Search terms such as Salvaged, Clean title.

Salvaged cars are cars that are involved in a little or severe accidents, you can choose the kind of salvage you want, the more the damage, the cheaper the vehicle.

Clean title cars are vehicles with no dent, this will surely be costlier.

After you have searched for your desired vehicle, click on it to open and see the status and photos of the vehicle. There are other technical terms you need to consider and understand, terms such as Primary Damage, Secondary Damage, Odometer, Start Code amongst others. There are other terms such as Buy now – if you want to buy the vehicle immediately without waiting for live bid, Pre-Bid and Watch – to get updates on the vehicle you intend to buy.

Step 4: Buy A Car online

Are we moving ahead? Sure we are. Here is the most anticipated part and not more important than the others.

After you must have mastered the search terms and other technical terms, you can be confident of selecting your preferred car and status or title of your choice. You can choose to use the ‘Buy Now’ term if the value placed on the vehicle you want to buy online fits your budget OR you can choose to wait for a live bid to commence at a future date which will be clearly stated on the auction site of your choice. You can choose to select the ‘Watch’ term to get updates on your preferred car.

We all know how bidding works right? Lots of people are clearly interested in that car of your choice, the highest bidder goes home with the vehicle, hopefully, it will be you.

Every bid has its timing, if there are no higher bids at a particular time, the car or vehicle will be sold to the last and highest bidder. Now let us sit tight and fight with money, ‘haha’ Yes!

Step 5: Pay for your Car Online

Pay for Your Car

Now you know how to buy a car online, but of course, after you win the bid, the next step is to pay for your car.

Do not worry, you can make payments seamlessly online, via Credit/Debit cards, you can also pay using Bank Wire transfer which is mostly accepted from Nigeria as debit cards are often declined. If you have a credit card, that is the fastest and cheapest means to make payments. Another easy way is the Bank Wire transfer mentioned above, you can transfer money to your auction site wallet via Western Union, Money Gram or transfer directly from your well-funded domiciliary account.

In Addition, you have to complete payments of money of your vehicle immediately to avoid a penalty charge, this can be as high as $50 to $100 if your money is not remitted within 2-3 working days.

After payment is completed, it will be credited in your online wallet on the auction site you are registered. Payment for your car will be processed automatically, you can also process payments manually if you have enough money in your online car auction wallet or account.

After payments have been made and processed, then you can smile, the car is yours.

Step 6: Ship Car from USA to Nigeria

Ship to Nigeria

To ship your car or import new or used cars for sale in USA to Nigeria, you may have to contact a shipper in the USA to deliver your vehicle to the nearest seaport port, if your vehicle start code is ‘Run & Drive’ it can be driven down to the seaport at a lower cost, if it does not run, you will rent a low bed truck to convey your vehicle and deliver to the seaport or airport, whichever suits your budget. Transportation of your vehicle to the nearest port may cost as high as $200 depending on the distance to the port.

Afterwards, your vehicle will be booked for a sail with a shipping line such as Grimaldi Shipping Lines or Sallaum Lines, amongst others. Freight Charges of this shipping lines can cost as high as $800 to $1500 depending on the weight of your vehicle.

After booking, you will get a draft copy of a bill of lading and then an original after the vehicle must have set sail with a particular vessel/ship. You can track the progress of this vessel with her name, names like Glovis Superior (owned by Sallaum lines) or Grande Lagos (owned by Grimaldi Shipping Lines). The vessel that will ship your car from the USA to Nigeria will berth Lagos waters in 4 to 6 weeks once it sails from the USA.

Your shipper will handle every form of customs clearance in the USA, the vehicle has to be cleared for export by the USA customs before it sails for Nigeria.

What! But I do not have a shipper,

Do not worry too much if you do not have a shipper abroad, the auction site to buy a car online can help you with all these formalities. Most of them offer freight services, especially the auction sites mentioned in Step 1 above.

Now you can go relax for a few weeks and prepare for the next step, while you keep track of the vessel. Your favoured car is on its way home. I am sure you are happy now.

Step 7: Clear Car from the Port in Nigeria

Cost of clearing cars in Nigeria

Are you tracking the Movement of the vessel? The ETA (Estimated Time Arrival) of the vessel will be stated on the bill of lading.

Are you also gathering monies for customs clearance in Nigeria? Yes you should, Customs duty is quite high depending on the make and year of manufacture of your car

Contact your Clearing Agent in Nigeria, If you need a Clearing agent in Nigeria, hire THE CLEARING AGENT now.
OR visit the list of clearing agents in Nigeria to hire one of the most reliable clearing agents in Nigeria to help you with every form of customs clearance and formalities.

There are things you need to consider before hiring a clearing agent in Nigeria, click here to know more about that.

You will surely want to know the cost of clearing cars in Nigeria please click here to know the total cost of clearing your preferred vehicle


Clearing Agent in Nigeria

The Clearing Agent

Click on your preferred car below to know the cost of clearing in Nigeria


  1. Tosin says:

    Wow, great write up, very easy to understand, thanks a lot for this..

  2. Sunday Nduka says:

    if i can a salvaged car with damages, must i fix it in USA or Canada or can it be cleared in Nigeria for me to fix it in Nigeria?

  3. pls can you recommend any car auction site to register with?

    • tomi says: and are very good. is the best but they may charge an annual fee. always ensure you inform them to ship your vehicles with Grimaldi Shipping lines

  4. Paul says:

    if Mr A bought a salvaged car and Mr B bought a good used car, we bought thesame model. are we both paying thesame amount for clearing of our cars ?

    • tomi says:

      Nigeria customs will only consider vehicles with damages chassis and deflated airbags for salvaged value. Else, it will be cleared as a used vehicle.

  5. Kingsley says:

    Please I intended to import a vehicle from Korea but not through Gramidi Shipping Line. Is that a problem to clear it in Nigeria?

    • tomi says:

      there is no problem to clear your vehicle in Nigeria. you can ship in your vehicle and contact us, we will get your vehicle cleared.

      • Kingsley says:

        Thanks for your response, Please how much to clear an 2011 Hyundai Elantra? Where do I contact you to start the process

  6. Ola says:

    Pretty cool… Which if this services do you render?

  7. Bisso Thierry says:

    Which country is it best to import used cats?


    nice article. please can i talk to you privately?

  9. Seun says:

    Good talk. Can individuals clear their vehicle/s

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