2022 Honda Accord Price in Nigeria, Features and Specifications

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2022 Honda Accord

When looking for a well-rounded midsize sedan, the Honda Accord has long been in the lead, the 2022 Honda Accord maintains the excellent refinement, comfort, and fuel efficiency of the current generation, which made its debut in 2018. The Accord provides good value for your money and is available with two turbocharged engines as well as a hybrid model, as well as tons of technology and cutting-edge driving aids.

The Accord is the best in its class. It comes in unquestionably appealing packaging and driving it is fun. Although some competing sedans could outperform the Accord in a few key areas, none of them manages to pull it all together quite like this one.

2022 Honda Accord Features


Give drivers a sense of exhilaration and peace of mind.

A panoramic view that you feel the moment you enter. The symmetry (left and right symmetry) design brings a feeling of being wrapped up as you run. We aimed to create an interior space that brings a sense of exhilaration and security to the driver and everyone else who drives with them.

Honda Accord Give drivers a sense of exhilaration and peace of mind

Overwhelming visibility thanks to the ingenuity of the seat layout and the slimming of the pillars.

The first thing that surprises you when you sit in the seat is the overwhelming visibility. What was realized was the idea of ​​widening the viewing angle by laying out the front seats inward. In addition, the position of the front pillar has been pulled backward to achieve slimness. In addition to widening the field of view, it also contributes to the beautiful long nose design.

The low seating position provides a comfortable ride and a sense of unity with the car.

By lowering the hip point compared to the previous model, the seating position is less swaying and less tiring, and a driving position that gives a greater sense of unity with the car. By lowering the seating position, the center of gravity is also lowered, contributing to improved performance.

Fill the space for people with comfort.

A space with a size that cannot be imagined from its style. Not only is it spacious, but we sought the quality of comfort in each and every space that fills the space.

Honda Accord Fill the space for people with comfort.

Realizes surprisingly quiet.

Adopts active noise control that cancels noise by outputting a sound that is in reverse phase with respect to vehicle noise. We realize surprising quietness.

Active Noise Control (ANC)

Pleasant air, comfortable operation.

A GPS-controlled biased solar radiation control system that automatically controls the temperature and airflow independently of the left and right sides by judging the direction and strength of the sunlight. It provides comfort even when the sun is only on one side. In addition to adopting a dial type, we also paid attention to the comfort of the operation feeling while driving.

Intelligent dual fully automatic air conditioner (equipped with Plasmacluster technology)

Honda Accord Intelligent dual fully automatic air conditioner

Seat heaters are standard equipment for the front and rear seats.

In addition to seat heaters for the driver and passenger seats, seat heaters are also used for the left and right rear seats. Warm your body with the seat and backrest.

Seat heater <Driver seat/Passenger seat/Rear left and right seats>

Honda Accord Seat heater <Driver seat/Passenger seat/Rear left and right seats>

navigation system

Equipped as standard with an 8-inch large-screen navigation system with a tablet-type design.

The capacitive touch panel realizes a feeling of operation similar to that of a smartphone. In addition, the emergency call service “HELPNET®” corresponds. Various information from Internavi free of charge*Equipped as standard with Honda Internavi compatible with “link-up free” that can be used with

Honda Internavi + Link-up free + ETC in-vehicle device <navigation interlocking>
(with rear wide camera) <dedicated communication device + communication fee free*>

Honda Accord navigation system

Compatible with “Apple CarPlay” and “Android Auto™” which allow you to enjoy your iPhone or Android™ in the car more safely and comfortably. Various functions such as music playback and calls can be operated from the navigation screen or voice.

[What you can do with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto™] Music playback, Hands-free calling, Map application map display and route guidance, Create/read/send/receive messages

■USB connection cord is required.

■Apple CarPlay is compatible with iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 or later models running iOS 11 or later. See Apple’s website for details.

■For models that support Android Auto™, compatible apps, and how to connect , see https://www.android.com/auto/ .


Commitment and quality unique to genuine products.

Genuine Honda accessories that are the best fit for Honda vehicles are developed simultaneously with Honda vehicles. We have a wide variety of items to suit your tastes.

luggage compartment

Class-leading enough to overturn the common sense of hybrid sedans*1large trunk space.

In addition to moving the hybrid system battery under the rear seat, the structure and placement of the suspension have also been optimized. The trunk space, which was a problem with hybrid sedans, has been greatly expanded.

Fold down the rear seats for even more space.

By folding the rear seats forward, larger items can be loaded.

Integrated folding rear seat (with trunk through mechanism)

Long items can be loaded even with four people on board.

The armrest through mechanism that allows the trunk space and cabin to pass through is adopted in the armrest part in the centre of the rear seat. Long objects can be loaded even when four people are on board.

Further miniaturization of the mechanism, widening the space for people and improving usability.

The IPU (intelligent power unit) is 32% smaller than the previous model due to the shape and layout of the battery. This makes it possible to move the IPU under the rear seat, expanding the trunk space. If you fold down the rear seats, you can load even larger items.


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