2023 Acura Integra Price in Nigeria, Features and Specifications

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2023 Acura Integra

The 2023 Acura Integra, a hatchback that Acura first produced in 1986, hasn’t been made for a very long time. Early Integra owners who were looking for performance on a budget developed a devoted following. It seems sensible that there is a lot of buzz about the new Acura Integra for 2023. The new Integra, a compact four-door hatchback based on the most recent Honda Civic, is the entry-level vehicle in the Acura collection and offers a little driving enjoyment, a little light luxury, and some nameplate cachet. Is it effective? Kind of.

The reborn 2023 Acura Integra presents a difficult case. It’s enjoyable to drive with the manual transmission, but it’s also less polished than its main competitors and uncomfortably close to the Honda Civic Si, which costs thousands less. On the other hand, the Integra is more reasonably priced but less entertaining with the continuously variable automatic (CVT). Although the hatchback body shape offers some much-needed adaptability, there isn’t much about this Acura that sets it apart from the competition.

THE 2023 Acura INTEGRA

Athletic performance in a show-stopping silhouette: Meet the next-gen Integra.

3/4 front view of a red 2023 Integra on a blank background / Vue avant 3/4 d’une Integra rouge sur fond vierge

Unforgettable Driving Experience.

The next-generation 2023 Acura Integra is equipped with a VTEC® turbo engine and sporty paddle shifters for the power you can feel and control. The available 6-speed manual transmission paired with a sophisticated rev-match control system pushes the boundaries of performance and excitement.

Engine 1.5L, turbocharged inline-4 with VTEC®

Power 200 hp

Torque 192 lb.-ft. @ 1800-5000 rpm

Wheels 18″ Alloy (Available)

Liftback Styling. The convenience of a liftback, with added versatility, function and style. The look of a sedan or coupé with the easy-loading characteristics of a hatch. Integra offers the best of both worlds!

6-Speed Manual Transmission. An available close-ratio 6-speed manual transmission provides the visceral engagement that driving enthusiasts desire. Experience a thrill with each short throw of the shifter and turn everyday driving into a performance.

A-SPEC™ Package. Elevated performance design for both the interior and exterior. Kick it up a notch with the A-SPEC™ Package styling for a more aggressive look and feel.

ELS STUDIO® 3D. Audio engineering and musical artistry come together in this available exclusive system. Immerse yourself in the next dimension of sound with 16 high-fidelity surround speakers including two overhead speakers and a cargo subwoofer.

2023 Acura Integra Features

A 2023 Integra front end traveling on highway in daylight | Vue avant d’une Integra 2023 circulant sur l’autoroute en plein jour.


The next-generation 2023 Integra delivers an unforgettable driving experience. It’s equipped with a 200-hp* VTEC® Turbo engine and sporty paddle shifters for the power you can feel and control. An available 6-speed manual transmission paired with a sophisticated rev-match control system pushes the boundaries of excitement.

A close-up front interior of touchscreen showcasing IDS in Sport Mode in 2023 Integra | Gros plan de l’intérieur avant sur l’écran tactile montrant le IDS en mode Sport dans l’Integra 2023.


A standard Integrated Dynamic System (IDS) enables the Integra driver to choose between three distinct driving modes (Comfort, Normal and Sport) for the throttle response, automatic transmission mapping, steering feel and gauge colouration. The available Elite A-SPEC™ Package adds adjustments for in-cabin sound, plus an “Individual” mode which allows the driver to customize the IDS setting combinations to their liking.


When traction is paramount, the available limited-slip differential helps provide improved steering control and response during acceleration and cornering by helping maximize available traction at the drive wheels.

Rear left quarter of 2023 Integra traveling on a road in tunnel at night with rear LED lights on | Vue du quart arrière gauche de l’Integra 2023 qui roule sur une route dans un tunnel la nuit avec les feux arrière à DEL allumés.


The available A-SPEC™ Package clearly exudes a modern, high-performance design.

The 2023 Integra right side exterior stationary in dark | Vue extérieure latérale droite de l’Integra 2023 stationnée dans l’obscurité.


The edge of your seat never felt so good. Available 12-way power front seats with synthetic Ultrasuede™ inserts and ambient LED cabin lighting create an atmosphere that exudes sharp sophistication.

A close-up of 2023 Integra Interior of red Ultrasuede™-trimmed power front seats | Gros plan sur l’habitacle de l’Integra 2023 avec les sièges avant électriques garnis d’Ultrasuede<sup>MC</sup> rouge.


Take on every stretch of road in premium style with Jewel Eye™ LED headlights and Chicane™ daytime running lights and taillights.

Front of 2023 Integra traveling on dark road with LED headlights and fog lights on | Vue avant de l’Integra 2023 circulant sur une route sombre avec des phares à DEL et des phares antibrouillard allumés.


Stay connected and in command with standard Apple CarPlay®, Android Auto™, available Alexa Built-in and available 9-inch touchscreen display. Driver-assisted features are right at your fingertips, or simply use your voice with available Alexa Built-In.


Fumbling with cables is a thing of the past with Integra’s available wireless smartphone charging. Simply place your compatible smartphone in the designated charging area and voilà, wireless charging without the mess of cables.

Close-up of 2023 Integra interior wireless charging pad, with smartphone | Gros plan sur le tapis de recharge sans fil de l’Integra 2023, avec un téléphone intelligent.


Helping you stay connected and remain connected with available 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot*. Quickly and easily upload or download data, talk, and text with 4G LTE*.
*Subscription Required

Close-up of 2023 Integra Touchscreen, showcasing Amazon Alexa | Gros plan sur l’écran tactile de l’Integra 2023, présentant Amazon Alexa.


Listen to the soundtrack of your life in clear high-definition audio. With 16 available fine-tuned speakers strategically placed throughout the cabin, your music never sounded better.

Close-up of right interior lower door showcasing ELS Studio® 3D & speaker grille from 2023 Integra | Gros plan de l’intérieur de la porte droite, partie inférieure, montrant la chaîne sonore ELS STUDIO<sup>MD</sup> 3D et la grille de haut-parleur de l’Integra 2023.
Illustration of rear exterior of 2023 Integra depicting AcuraWatch™ functions | Vue extérieure arrière de l’Integra 2023 montrant les fonctions AcuraWatch.


A collection of driver-assisted technologies designed to help mitigate accidents and collisions when you simply can’t react quickly enough.


ACC helps reduce driver fatigue by maintaining a set speed and distance from the vehicle detected ahead. The low-speed feature will bring the vehicle to a complete stop if the detected vehicle slows to a stop.

Low-Speed Follow standard on CVT only.

Illustration of exterior rear and side angle of 2023 Integra depicting ACC functions | Vue extérieure arrière et latérale de l’Integra 2023 montrant les fonctions du régulateur de vitesse adaptatif.


CMBS alerts you to a potential collision and can reduce collision forces if one becomes available. By utilizing a front radar transceiver and forward-facing camera, the system can determine the distance and closing speed of objects directly ahead.

Illustration of rear and side angle of 2023 Integra depicting CMBS® functions | Vue arrière et latérale de l’Integra 2023 montrant les fonctions CMBSᴹᴰ.

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