Nigeria Customs tariff book | valuation
Nigeria Customs Tariff Book for Cars in 2022
June 21, 2022
Cost of Clearing Lexus Cars
Cost of Clearing Lexus Cars in Nigeria 2022
June 21, 2022
Cost of Clearing Honda Cars

Welcome! You will find an up-to-date Cost of Clearing Honda Cars in Nigeria below.

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Especially relevant, all costs are calculated with full customs duty for each vehicle.
Secondly, all costs are calculated with Shipping and terminal charges and clearing agent fee, Clearing Agent fee can be negotiated depending on the type and year of the car you intend to clear from the port.

Hence, this clearing agents fee includes handling charges, it can also include a delivery charge depending on your agreement with your clearing agent.

In Addition, the customs duty and the terminal & shipping charges are receipted, always request your receipt from your clearing agent.

Contact The Clearing Agent for the best prices of clearing your Honda vehicles.
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Cost of Clearing Honda Cars

The Clearing Agent

Note:All Cost are subject to negotiations and Nigeria Customs Valuation for each vehicle and this may not be 100% accurate.
This should serve as a guide for you to have an idea how much the cost of clearing Honda cars in Nigeria is.
Hence, when you hire a clearing agent, The Clearing agent will apply for customs valuation to get the correct value charge for your vehicle 

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The cost of clearing Honda cars will be updated once any change is observed, stay in touch.

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  1. now what is the total payable for clearing honda accord 2008 used car?

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